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Richard Ayoade, photographed by Steven Brahms.

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film genre meme: [1/5] drama
pulp fiction (1994)

I’m sorry, did I break your concentration? I didn’t mean to do that. Please, continue, you were saying something about best intentions. What’s the matter? Oh, you were finished! Well, allow me to retort. What does Marsellus Wallace look like?

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"whenever someone asks do you want to see a magic trick?
you say no, because there was a man who could make
monsters out of his hands, and it wasn’t a trick; it was real
and you can prove it, and you have proved it, but no one sees.
he sawed you in half, he pulled a rabbit out of your chest
and everyone is still applauding; what a show, what a show!
while you wonder what he’s done to your heart."

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Katara Week: Day 5 → Queen Katara

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Do you need ground transport?

- Presidium Commons.
- Embassies.
- Hospital.
- Refugee Camp.
- Purgatory.
- No thanks.

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I could write pages upon pages of meta about Mordin yelling “I made a mistake!” at Shepard on Tuchanka.  Pages.

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Matching icons for you and your friends

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black widow + quotes

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a drake-themed party where we listen to drake and watch old episodes of degrassi and play musical chairs to “anaconda” but most importantly we just act very kind to each other in a way that is sometimes almost weird

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[Gifset: James Franco asks Nicki Minaj a series of questions: “Was it easy for you to break into the music business, or did you have to come in through the back door? Have you ever hit… bottom? When did you first realise you were sitting on a gold mine?” Nicki, looking hurt and angry, replies “..I know what the fuck you’re doing.”]


Yo Nicki is legit fed up with people talking about her ass, though. Look at her face yo. She is genuinely INSULTED and not having it.

Like this is a woman who just likes what she does and all anyone can ever focus on is her fucking ass and the fact she got ass shots or whatever. She’s not stupid. Give it a fucking rest.

A YouTube video of the full interview is here.

Later in this “interview,” Nicki is thoroughly fed up and says: “This is what you brought me here to do? I need— I need— where’s my publicist? I’m not gonna sit here and take this shit.” And, unless my judging of people is very, very off, everyone— including the two other gross white dudes who provide rude commentary throughout, including her ‘publicist’— everyone— except Nicki was in on this farce.

She is clearly hurt, disappointed, angry and distressed. She is obviously incredibly uncomfortable. This blatant display of misogynoir isn’t remotely funny.

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